At Sun Industries safety is our main priority. Getting our employees home safely to their family, friends and loved ones is the final goal of every day. Sun Industries and its affiliate companies strive for perfection in safety and accident prevention in all aspects of our operation

Sun’s safety program emphasizes the importance of safety on all levels. From Project Managers to our Green Helpers in the field we require all employees to be up to date and trained in all safety aspects. To start we drug screen all our employees and assess an electrical competence test to all personnel prior to hiring. From here all employees are sent to OSHA Training courses to ensure that all workers know about workplace hazards and their rights. In addition we make sure employees are trained in CPR and all Supervisors have been certified in CPR Training.  Supervisors hold daily Job Safety Analysis to outline any potential job safety hazards per task to be performed by employees. Monthly Safety meetings take place to give a continuing education to all employees so that we at Sun can continue our search for a safer more efficient work place.

As Sun Industries has grown we have partnered with the Smart Safety Group who has over 100 years of safety experience within their team. Smart has extensive experience in all construction safety including but not limited to Commercial, Industrial and Environmental. Through Smart we are able to better prepare and inform our employees about unique job safety conditions.